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SKO, Sairam region, Tassay s., w/n
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Company Profile

BARYS 2007 LLP produces 18 names of the short macaroni products of different forms and sizes so that to be to customers’ exacting taste: elbow macaroni of 5 types, shells, spirals, vermicelli, noodles, grain, alphabet, springs, wheels, crests, feathers, bells, snails of 2 types (packaged in 2kg, 5kg plastic sacks and 0,4kg; 0,9kg and 1,0kg polypropylene packs).

BARYS 2007 LLP pays great attention to the manufacturing methods and quality control of the macaroni products. The incoming inspection of raw materials, materials and final inspection of the finished products is carried out by employees of the certified production and technical laboratory.

The enterprise is equipped with the up-to-date equipment with application of the modern IT technologies and developments which do not have analogues in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: PAVAN-TAS line manufactured by Pavan, the Italian company, for the production of short macaroni products (with the capacity of 3200 kg/h) was put into operation in 2009.


Manufacturing Methods

The enterprise has developed the operating procedure for the production of Madina macaroni products on the basis of the unified formula, where it is stated that macaroni products are manufactured only from GOST 26574-85 first-class bakery flour, GOST 12307-66 first-class hard wheat flour and GOST 2874-82 portable water. No food supplements, dressers nor GMO are used.

Madina Macaroni


Macaroni products – this is dried wheat dough in the form of tubes, threads, strips and different figurines. This is a very popular and suitable foodstuff and it is a part of ration of any family. The macaroni products are widespread in the world and are used as the base for many dishes. They are commonly used, inter alia, in the Italian, East Asian and vegetarian cookery.

Uniform structure, smooth surface, even amber colour, pure glassy section, superior gustatory qualities, good cooking characteristics and a moderate price – these are distinguishing features of Madina macaroni products. Madina macaroni products are resistant to store and transportation due to their low humidity (not more than 13%) and high mechanical strength. Because of the use of new technologies during production, Madina macaroni products have good cooking characteristics. The shelf life of Madina macaroni products is 12 months and cooking time is 5-12 minutes only.

Products Sales Chart

The products of our factory are much in demand in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Georgia.

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